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From now on it is possible to customize the background of your profile on my-moment.net. You can change the color of the background and even add an image to it.

All you have to do is enter the user center and select...

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15:05, 07-08-07

With this we want to announce the upcoming release of the first alpha-version of myMoment which is projected to happen within the next 2 weeks.

Why alpha?
Even though many functions are quite far developed th...

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21:24, 06-19-07

I'm happy to present to you the biggest update in the young history of MyMoment.
To give a better overview I'll list some important modules of the page and the main changes done to them.


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13:30, 06-03-07

I'm glad to announce the first milestone of the gallery-script which makes it version 0.1.

All basic functions like submitting, editing, rating and browsing images and galleries are working and seem to be stable.
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19:37, 05-28-07

Today some important changes were made to the galleries-system.
the most important is the editing of images:

now the owner of a picture can simply edit the description by clicking the 'edit' field below the d...

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