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Ok, so I was testing that Auto-Completion field, and when I pressed that "+", I got spammed with Error Messages. This is the output

Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [function.SimpleXMLElement---construct]: Entity: line 1: parser ...

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17:57, 07-12-07
• Why isn't it possible to edit the Blog's description? Please change that!
• ***• YOU

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17:53, 07-12-07
The border of the image is shown, even though there is no image of the blog. See my blog as an example (in case it shows up there... )

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I hereby declare it as a bug, when NO BBCODES ARE SHOWN at a preview of a blog. You have to click on "Read More" in order to view it?
Sucks. Check my entry with "Wrong English". I made the s of "Informations" bold.

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17:50, 07-12-07
Please care for correct use of the English language.
At the Footer: Informations (You can not create a plural of information)

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A blog which will report all known and unknown bugs on my-moment.net
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