Wherever people meet, a few rules are required to get along with each other well. In chat rooms, people with most different opinions and properties meet. To allow them to get on with each other, there is the Chatiquette. This is the Etiquette for chatters on the Internet. It contains information on how oneself should behave and what one can expect of others in a chat.

Community Rules

  1. Step up to other chatters with respect and politeness, so they will respect you and treat you politely. Treat them like how you would like to be treated by them.

  2. Be yourself! Yes, of course: it is tempting to become a different character in the virtual anonymity of the net. But fun gets the greater, the more true friends you find - and not having to be afraid that someone could find out about your true face. The better you get to know the others, the harder it will get to hide your true identity. You really do not need to hide from friends, do you? :-).

  3. Help newbies! Whenever a new chatter joins, remember your first visit in a chat room. Did somebody help you? So do like he did. Did nobody help you? Then do better than those people of that time, who should have helped you. Maybe the newbie becomes a regular chatter and a friend.

  4. Everybody is in a bad mood sometimes. And surely everybody is really furious sometimes. But: don't take it out on the other chatters! If you feed bad, you really don't need to make other's lifes miserable, too. Chatting means fun. If you want to talk about your problems with somebody, you will certainly find a person who can help you in a calm talk in private.

  5. If you step into a chat room for the first time, don't jump onto the scene at once. It's better to have a look at what people are like, and which atmosphere is there. Compare a chat to a pub. You simply don't rush in, jump onto a table and shout "Hey guys, here I am - now entertain me!" Maybe you even don't like the people or atmosphere in that particular room. Then it's best to simply switch to a diffenrent one. In any case, you should leave the room politely.

  6. Don't be afraid of typing errors. They happen to every chatter, simply because you have to be quite fast in a chat. Otherwise, you would probably miss half of the messages the other chatters type. They won't take typing errors amiss, they often will do so for missed messages, if it happens too frequently. Maybe that you are not that fast in the beginning, but that will improve with time. Another advantage of typing errors: they often create laughters and liven things up.

  7. You like to flirt? Well, it's certainly fun ;-) But not for everybody. If somebody behaves dismissive, leave him or her alone instead of keeping at it. Some chatters are already annoyed by the simple question whether they were male or female. Act really carefully. When it really gets down to business (which may well happen in a chat), it's better to go into a separee instead of staying in a public room. A single mistyped key could then lead to a very embarrasing situation ;-)

  8. Chatting is fun, and a sense of humor is belonging to it. But everybody has a different sense of humor. What you may really like as funny might cause other chatters a stomache-ache, besides the fact that written often leaves a very different impression than spoken.

  9. Don't pester someone to give you his/her eMail address or phone number. If he/she wants to exchange email with you, or talk to you on the phone, he/she will give out the necessary numbers/addresses of his own accord. Especially women are usually careful with this information. If time has come, he/she will give you the address. But the decision when this time has come is up to them! Maybe this moment will not come at all. In this case, you will simply have to take that as a fact.

  10. If you would like to speak to someone, always address your sentence like in: "foobar: what kind of music do you like?" Otherwise, your chat partner might not recognize that you want to talk to him and that you asked him a question. It's very likely that he won't answer then...

  11. Whenever you ask a question, do it politely. The same is valid for your answers. If you are polite, you will be treated politely. If somebody does not answer, don't get angry with him. Maybe he has simply overlooked your question or does not like to talk to you. Just find someone else to chat with.

  12. CAPITAL LETTERS or boldface may only be used for emphasis, for example if you want to address someone and emphasise his name. If you use these means too frequently, others will react annoyed.

  13. Don't use invectives at all. They only create a lot of annoyance with those who would like to chat peacefully. Remember: glorification of violence and drugs, pornographic material and propagation of racism are a criminal offence and will be prosecuted!

  14. If somebody misbehaves in the chat, please do not start a big discussion with him. This will most likely only annoy the other chatters. Instead, just ignore him. After a short time of being ignored, he will get bored. It is very likely that he will disappear automatically. If it's a really tough case, notify the person running the chat or one of the guard- or superusers. You should notice the body running the chat in any case if someone commits a criminal offence (compare to paragraph 13). Write them when this chatter has been online and what nickname he/she has been using.

  15. Don't wrongly believe the fairytale that you were anonymous in a chat room. You are not! The chat software records the internet address of your computer (IP) and stores it. Using the IP address, the chat operator can determine your internet service provider and the telephone number from where you are connected. The body running the chat thus has appropriate means to call persons to account who leave a particular bad impression. Most chats log all written text in the chat rooms to be able to prove criminal offences.
If you stick to these rules, there should be no obstacles to a successful, nice, cheerful, freeing and funny chat life :-)

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