The following paragraphs contain the terms of use for all users of websites under the domain 'my-moment.net' named myMoment in the following. If a user does not agree to this terms he should not make use of the page and will be banned or even juristical persecuted in case of violation. The terms of use may be changed at any time and are bonding from then on.

I. Agreement

myMoment is completely free.
By using myMoment all users automatically accept the terms of use. In case of violation the users can not make any claim on his account or content submitted to myMoment.

II. Legal

myMoment is a platform where users can add content without previous controls. Even though myMoment will remove illegal content as soon as possible they are not responsible for any user-driven content. Therefore all legal responsibilities are up to the user and not to myMoment and it's owners.

III. Copyright

By submitting content to myMoment the user holds all copyright responsibilities.

IV. Etiquette

With registration the user accepts the Etiquette.

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